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Economic research

City’O’Scope was developed to answer complex questions in the domain of economic research. We used data collected by UBS’ Swiss Economic Research team about the purchasing power in almost 60 cities around the world.

Each city is characterized by more than 100 different attributes such as the price for food, salary of engineers or the working time required to buy a hamburger.
City'O'Scope complements the traditional way of publishing such data on paper or booklets. It is a highly interactive visualization tool with several particularities:
  • Provides quick overview of the global relationships between cities
  • Encourages exploration, discovery of unexpected structures
  • Embeds object details within the global frame of reference
  • Takes advantage of the human perceptual abilities (the eye)
In short
  • Cheap but efficient replacement of traditional way of publishing
  • Quick answer to complex questions
  • Gain fast overview
  • Support decision making due to reduced complexity
  • In cooperation with UBS Economic Research
Read more about City'O'Scope in "Interactive Visualization of Prices and Earnings"