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08.2006    TreeMap released
10.2005 Launch of InfoScope, general purpose visualization tool
03.2004 TrendDisplayFX, foreign exchange analysis
10.2002 InvestView, sales support tool for investment strategies.
09.2002 City’O’Scope Swiss edition 2002, special version developed in cooperation with L’Agefi.
09.2002 SurveyVisualizer, a tool to analyze the results of large-scale satisfaction surveys.
05.2002 Agendarama, visualization for easy access to Expo ‘02 events schedule.
01.2002 TrendDisplay, visualization of high-throughput screening experiments for drug development.
12.2001 Fund’O’Matic, automation of complexity reduction process for the analysis of investment and markets.
07.2001 City’O’Scope, data exploration tool for ‘Prices and earnings around the World’ of about 60 metropolitan cities.
02.2001 Atom’O’Scope, visualization and remote control of a cutting-edge nanotechnology experiment.
07.2000 Successful development and deployment of Fund’O’Scope, an interactive visualization tool for investment funds product management.
02.2000 Founding by Dominique Brodbeck and Luc Girardin, self-financed spin-off from Ubilab (UBS Innovation Laboratory).